Dock systems
that offer
exceptional value!
Standard docks on legs
Roll-in dock systems on wheels
Available in any length or configuration

Not Your Average Dock

Our dock packages are made up of individual 5’ X 10’ or 5′ X 15′ aluminum frame sections, with the 5′ X 10′ frame weighing at a minuscule 60 lbs. This makes it easy for one or two people to move our docks in and out of the water. At five feet, our docks are a foot wider than our competitors. This feature makes them more user friendly, while at the same time increasing stability, and providing more deck area. Dock packages which are designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, lends itself to hassle free installation, and more time to enjoy your lake.

Various Designs Are Possible

Want to see what your dock will look like before you buy? Send us a sketch and we will draw it up in 3-D. This gives you a visual representation of what it will look like.  Whether you have a shallow lake or a deep drop off, we can design the dock that’s perfect for you. We’ve built docks ranging from “|” shaped docks 100 feet long to short and wide “T” shaped docks.

Designed & Manufactured in Rural Saskatchewan

Our dock packages are sold factory direct, that means there are no dealers involved. The advantage to this is that our customers can deal directly with us, the primary producer, for sales, and service. Also, a rural setting provides for lower manufacturing costs, which is passed on to our customers resulting in a far more reasonable retail price.

Interested in dock delivery?

Lacking the necessary vehicles/equipment or time for factory pickup? No Problem! We now offer dock package delivery to your specified location.

Lacking the necessary vehicles/equipment or time for factory pickup? Interested in dock delivery?  No Problem! We now offer dock package delivery to your specified location.

Check out our display docks at these locations near you:

*Note display docks now removed for winter. (Back in May 2024)

Spiritwood Esso Gas Station

Spiritwood, SK

Monster Marine

Sherwood Park, AB

Smokey Lake Esso Gas Station

Smokey Lake, AB

Melfort Coop – Agro Center

Melfort, SK

Beausite Firewood

HWY 12 between Blaine Lake & Shell Lake

Choiceland Coop Gas Station

Choiceland, SK

Wakaw Coop Gas Station

Wakaw, SK

Axxis Motorsports

Saskatoon, SK

Rec-Tech Power Products

Lloydminster, AB

Display Docks

See your dock before purchasing at our various display dock locations at your own convenience.

Each of the locations have a cutaway version of our 30 foot with one patio section (40ft total) dock package as shown in the image.

The cutaway version shows how each dock package is constructed and assembled.


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