Can I add additional frame sections to my existing dock at some point in the future?

Yes!  “Extension” sections can be added at any time to lengthen a dock.

Also, some will add an “L” section at dock’s end to provide a mooring section parallel to shore.

“Patio” sections which have become very popular, and can also be joined at any time to give added area at dock’s end for lounging, or for use as a water sport platform.

Does my dock need to be tied down?

Inherently, any aluminium dock is more apt to damage in adverse weather conditions simply because of it’s lighter weight.

Whether or not the dock should be fastened down is entirely up to you the owner, and usually depends on how exposed your lakefront is to severe weather.

You know your weather conditions best, so you may decide to tie down your dock.

Some will use screw piles or some other securing product available online or at local hardware stores.


Does the decking require staining?

Although most do not stain their Cedar decking, it can be done, it’s completely up to the buyer.

The red cedar color will fade to grey over time.

Cedar however, is very resistant to rot, and will provide many years of service.

How easy are they to adjust?

A simple friction fit via two, ½” inch bolts on each leg are all that’s necessary to achieve and maintain the desired height.

How long does it take to install a Breina Docks dock system?

Depends on the size and configuration. Usually one – two hours. This should be enough time for two people to assemble a forty foot package for the first time.

How much do they weigh?

A 5 x 10 foot frame weighs 60 pounds. With each 5 x 5 foot Western Red Cedar decking panel weighing 50 lbs.

How stable are our docks?

The five foot width, along with 2” X 2” sq. legs offer excellent stability.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, lifetime warranty against manufactures defects.

Failures due to nature (ice, wind, waves, etc) are not covered.