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30’ “I” Shape Dock Package

40’ “I” Shape Dock Package

30’ “I” Shape W/Patio Dock Package

30’ “I” Shape W/ Dual Patio Dock Package

40’ “I” Shape W/ Patio & L Section Dock Package

  • Great for all activities. 20 linear feet of lake front.
  • Temporarily moor your boat and enjoy the patio.
  • Get pricing on this dock.

50’ “I” Shape W/ Boat Slip & Patio Dock Package


Aluminum Dock Packages

Our dock packages provide a simple, durable, and reliable solution to your lakefront needs at an unbeatable price.


Wider Dock More Stability

Our docks five foot width means an increase in stability, while providing more room to walk and “use” your dock.

You will be hard pressed to find a better solution when it comes to stability.


Easily Customizable

Our docks can be configured to any length, any size, and to any style. From patio sections, to T sections, to boat slips, we can build a package that suits you and your needs.

Email us a sketch of your dream dock, and we will make it a reality.


Installed In No Time

The best part of our dock packages are their simplicity. This means setup is quick and easy and with two people, a forty foot dock can be installed or removed in just an hour.

Less time with setup & teardown, means there is more time to enjoy your lakefront investment!

Ramp Section

The ramp section is typically the first frame section from shore.

Free Standing Section

The free standing section is a standard section that comes with all dock packages.

It has a leg pocket in each corner, this section is typically setup and levelled, 10ft from shore.

During dock assembly, the “ramp section” attaches next once the “free standing section” is levelled.

Usually this section is levelled 8 – 16 in above the water.

Extension Section

The extension sections are added if a longer dock configuration is required.

End Section

An end section will be the farthest frame out on any dock configuration.

The leg pockets are welded on the end of the frame.

This provides 10 linear ft for a “patio section” to be joined to either side.

Patio Section

The patio section or sections, can be added to either side of the “end section.”