Uni-frame Construction

  • All of our frames are welded solid to create a strong rigid structure.
  • Frames are entirely built from square / rectangle tubing & angle.
  • Both 10ft & 15ft frame lengths are robust and durable.
  • We use strong corrosion resistant 6061-grade aluminum.
  • Each frame has a static capacity of 600 lbs (363 kg).

Frame attachment

  • Any two frames are simply bolted together with two – 3/8″ stainless steel bolts & lock nuts.
  • The properties of stainless steel make it more susceptible to “galling”, so it is recommended to use the anti seize compound provided with each dock package.
  • Two 9/16″ wrenches or sockets are typically used.


  • Each leg pocket is welded solid to the aluminum section providing a solid structure.
  • This insures years of trouble free use.
  • Each frame type (Free Standing Section, End Section, Patio Section) has unique locations for each leg pocket, making adding additional sections to expand your dock seamless and easy to do.
  • View our frame identification diagram here.

leg adjustment

  • Dock height is adjusted and levelled by raising or lowering legs within the leg pocket.
  • Once the ideal position is determined, the leg is secured in place by tightening two – 1/2″ stainless steel bolts.
  • This “friction fit” system of adjusting gives infinite settings.
  • To readjust, simply loosen the bolts, reposition the legs, and retighten.

dock legs

  • Four standard leg lengths are offered, three, four, five, and six feet in length.
  • Typically, 4 1/2 – 5 feet of water is all that’s required at dock’s end, so the 6ft legs are usually placed here.
  • Standard leg lengths on a regular 30ft (three 5′ X 10′ frames) dock are two – 3ft, 4ft and 6ft legs.
  • If you require 40ft of dock, we simply add a pair of 5ft legs to the package.
  • Longer docks would include multiples of the four standard leg lengths as required.
  • Legs come standard with 8″ square footpads – optional 12″ square footpads available for softer lake bottoms.

Cedar Decking

  • Cedar decking is fabricated into 5ft x 5ft panels, each weighing 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • 5/4 x 5″ cedar boards from mills in British Columbia are used.
  • Two “purlins” are placed on the underside of each 5ft x 5ft panel.
  • These two “purlins” are screwed to the “left to right” deck boards on top.
  • Ceramic coated deck screws are used from underneath, providing the decking with a beautiful hardware free finish.
  • Once two cedar decking panels are placed on each frame, they are held in place with aluminum angles & stainless steel screws provided in the dock package (see assembly video).

Boat Bumpers

  • Optional plastic horizontal and vertical boat bumpers are available.
  • Each are 44″ long and protect boats from the frame edge and legs.
  • Each horizontal bumper attaches to the frame section with two stainless steel bolts.
  • Each vertical bumper is molded with two plastic leg pockets.
  • Vertical bumpers are installed during dock assembly.
  • No fasteners are required as the bumper is held in place by the leg.


  • For customer pickup, docks are packaged into a compact unit.
  • All aluminum legs, hold down angles, and the stainless steel hardware package, are placed securely inside for transport.
  • For customer convenience, a laminated instructional sheet is provided with each dock package (configuration specific).
  • A minimum 6ft x 12ft trailer bed is required with tie down straps, for customer pickup.
  • Dock delivery is also an option.